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Pak: Amid sweltering heat, electricity billing fraud raises concern among Karachi residents

15 Jun 2024

Karachi [Pakistan], June 15 (ANI): As Karachi grapples with scorching summer temperatures, residents are increasingly alarmed by skyrocketing electricity prices and overcharged electricity bill, exacerbating financial strain amidst Pakistan's soaring inflation.

Locals express frustration over prolonged inaction from authorities to address the issue, which has worsened rather than improved over time.

Mauhaumad Imran, a Karachi resident, lamented, "Electricity bills for 100 or 200 units are essential for every household, yet they remain consistently high regardless of actual usage. This lack of accountability is unacceptable. We face both load shedding and exorbitant bills, making electricity--a basic necessity--unaffordable."Another resident, Shehzad, a salaried employee, criticised the situation, stating, "This recurring issue of overbilling, coupled with unpredictable load shedding and escalating costs, feels like a scam targeting the public. The continuous rise in prices and lack of transparency in billing are burdensome for ordinary citizens."Recently, Pakistan has been gripped by a severe heatwave, resulting in fatalities and widespread heatstroke cases in Dadu and Jamshoro districts. According to reports from Dawn, four deaths and numerous cases of heatstroke were reported, with temperatures soaring up to 51 degrees Celsius in Dadu and surrounding areas.

The victims included Mohammad Afzal Arain, Mohammad Urs Janweri, Bhan Saeedabad, Haji Dhani Bux Birhmani, and Mohammad Waris Chachhar, highlighting the dire consequences of the heatwave. In response, local authorities have advised residents to stay indoors and stay hydrated to mitigate the effects of the extreme heat.

The heatwave has also strained healthcare facilities, with Allah Bux Korejo reporting an influx of 300 children suffering from gastroenteritis at Civil Hospital, Dadu. Moeenuddin Siddiqui from Syed Abdullah Shah Institute of Medical and Health Sciences, Sehwan, emphasised the importance of preventive measures to safeguard against heat-related illnesses.

In addition to health concerns, frequent power outages have disrupted daily life, prompting shopkeepers in Dadu to suspend operations during peak daytime hours to cope with electricity shortages.

The ongoing challenges faced by Karachi residents underscore the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address electricity billing discrepancies and ensure reliable power supply during critical periods like heatwaves. (ANI)

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