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Digi Yatra expansion to include international passengers will reduce airports congestion, says SITA Asia President

14 Jun 2024

New Delhi [India], June 14, (ANI): In a landmark discussion on the future of aviation technology, the President of SITA Asia, Sumesh Patel heralded the transformative potential of Digi Yatra and artificial intelligence (AI) for the aviation industry. Speaking with ANI Patel emphasised how Digital Yatra van helps and reduces congestion at the airport.

Digi Yatra, an initiative by the Indian government, aims to create a seamless and paperless travel experience for passengers through biometric-enabled digital processing. Digital Yatra May helps reduces congestion at the indian airports.. for this we need to include international passengers too.

"To address airport congestion, I want to revisit the Digi Yatra initiative. Currently, Digi Yatra is only implemented for domestic passengers, which leaves challenges for international travelers. It is also limited to specific touchpoints within the airport, such as terminal entry, CISF check, pre-security check, post-security check, and boarding gates.""Imagine the efficiency of this technology if it were used at every touchpoint. For instance, when passengers enter the terminal, even at self-baggage drop, or if they could use facial recognition for check-in and access to duty-free shops or lounges. This would revolutionise the passenger experience," Sumesh Patel told ANI.

Several airports are already implementing this for domestic flights, and we believe that expanding Digi Yatra to more touch-points and including international passengers will significantly reduce airport congestion.

SITA is a leading IT provider for the air transport industry, offering solutions that manage more than 60 per cent of the world's passenger and cargo traffic. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric technology, SITA is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in aviation. (ANI)

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